A term used by technicians to describe a jump or drop in prices; i.e., prices skipped a trading range. Gaps are usually filled at a later date. The CENTER ONLINE Futures Glossary
(1) As a measurement of exposure to interest rate risk, the amount of mismatch or imbalance between the quantity of an entity's assets and the quantity of its liabilities that reprice in a defined or selected time period. In a single time period, the net mismatch or imbalance may be called the interval gap. Over a series of consecutive time periods or buckets, the total net imbalance or mismatch may be called the cumulative gap.
(2) One of the four components of interest rate risk. The component of interest rate risk arising from the mismatch defined above.
Also called mismatch or repricing risk.
(3) As a measurement of liquidity risk, the amount of mismatch between the quantities of cash provided from decreases in liabilities and increases in assets and the quantities of cash used by increases in assets and decreases in liabilities in a defined or selected time period. American Banker Glossary
financing that is required, but for which no provision has been made. The difference in total funding needed for a proposal and the amount of funding already made available. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
A price area at which the market didn't trade from one day to the next. See breakaway gap, exhaustion gap, and runaway gap. Chicago Mercantile Exchange Glossary

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gap gap [gæp] noun [countable]
1. gap in the market MARKETING an opportunity to develop and sell a particular product or service because no other company is doing this yet:

• The sales director believes there is a gap in the market for small jets.

• The mail-order company is aiming to fill the gap in the market with a range of swimwear for older people.

2. ECONOMICS a difference between two situations, amounts, groups of people etc:

• Brazil had a trade gap (= difference in value of what a country buys from abroad and what it sells ) of $3.16 billion last year.

gap between

• the gap between the earnings of manual and non-manual workers

ˈwage gap ECONOMICS
the difference in rates of pay between two different groups of people:

• the wage gap between the rich and poor in California

3. COMMERCE MARKETING something that is missing that stops something else from being complete:
wage gap in

• The computer manufacturer is trying to fill a gap in its product line by buying an Atlanta software firm for $65 million.

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   A mismatch between a bank's assets and liabilities. Also a term used by technical analysts to describe a break between price levels, indication a sharp price movement and leaving a gap on the charts. An upwards gap shows market strength and a downwards gap the reverse. A breakaway gap appears at the completion of key price patterns and often signals the start of a significant move. (Figure 9.)
   ► See also Technical Analysis.

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gap UK US /gæp/ noun [C, usually singular]
a difference between two numbers, amounts, or levels: »

Forecasters are predicting a budget gap of nearly $17 bn next year.


There is a $40 million shortfall in emergency aid, and the EU is increasing its donation to close the gap.

something that is missing from a situation: close/fill gaps in sth »

The Bill aims to close gaps in existing law on fraud.

growing/widening gap »

New federal projections for job openings this decade show a growing gap in the training and education required for workers.

a period in which something does not happen: »

Most see a gap between finishing education and starting work as a positive thing.

a difference between people or their situations: gap between sth and sth »

The gap between rich and poor is growing all the time.

close/fill/widen the gap »

Excessive bonuses have only served to widen the gap between executives and other staff.


We have nearly closed the math and science gender gap in education for girls.

See also TRADE GAP(Cf. ↑trade gap), WAGE GAP(Cf. ↑wage gap)
a gap in the market — Cf. a gap in the market
bridge a/the gap — Cf. bridge the gap

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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